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Mustang II Tech is provided as an informational resource only. While we do in good faith try to be as accurate and complete as possible with the information provided, we are not perfect and are not able to foresee every circumstance where the information could be applied or in some cases, misapplied.   Variations between model years as well as other modifications done to your car may mean that some information may not be 100% accurate or complete for your situation.   Don't assume that we have provided all of the information.  DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

We can't provide a list of every tool required but it's a safe bet you will need a well rounded set of hand tools to do most of the work provided here.  Things like an engine hoist, jacks, jack stands, welders and various electric and air tools almost always come in handy as well.

It is assumed that our readers are safety orientated (e.g. don't crawl under a car supported only by a wobbly tire jack), have average to above average mechanical skills and are good at improvising and figuring things out on their own (important skills if you own a II).   If you don't know how to change a tire or your oil, then this definitely isn't the site for you.

We appreciate feedback on the information provided and suggestions on how it can be improved.


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