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Written by Butch   
Wednesday, 07 May 2008 13:21

Being a Mustang II owner you become accustomed to having to repair parts that you have due to the fact that so little for these cars is reproduced. The V-8 Mustang II motor mount is one of these items. Used to be you had 2 choices; good used ones which are impossible to find or NOS which are even harder to find and will cost upwards of $250 + for the pair when you find them. A friend of mine, Brett McHugh ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), has now given us another option; replacing the worn out rubber part of your old mounts with a polyurethane isolator and a 5/8" bolt. This is a good alternative for many reasons: it's stronger, it's durable and it's cost effective (about $100 for the kit). All you need to do is separate the old mounts (usually you just cut the factory safety catch and they fall apart) strip off all the old rubber, clean them up with a wire wheel or sand blaster and replace the rubber with the poly isolator and install the bolt, which has a nylock nut to keep it from loosening, tighten it up and you're done.

After rebuilding this set I was very pleased with the outcome for a couple reasons. This is a permanent fix and since I was running the car without the hood at this point, I could see that the motor didn't move around like it did before during "spirited" driving. This is especially noticeable with the standard shift cars. If there is any downside it's that it transfers a bit more vibration to the steering wheel at idle but not much and it's only when at idle. Now that I've had them in for over a year I don't even notice the vibration.

Here are some pics of what the kit looks like and how the mounts are assembled. These pics were taken before painting the metal parts just for clarification. My wife loves it when I use her kitchen to work on car parts....


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